From left to rigth: Jenna Dennison, Alex Ross, Jean-Dominique Felx, Denis Juget, Dean Eckmann, Stephen Sinclair, Mathieu Thomas-Guy, Jocelyn Bélair, Michael Michalik, Robin Côté, François Couture

Juget-Sinclair Organbuilders is a small team dedicated to producing the highest quality mechanical action organs available. We have built 47 instruments in Canada, the US, Japan, and Germany.

In order to control the quality of our production, we have made it a goal since Opus 1, to produce all parts in-house. This commitment to ‘doing it all’ allows us to maintain a team of dedicated craftspeople who have a complete understanding of all aspects of their craft. It also allows us to design with a free hand; we are not limited to working within the design constraints of organ parts supply houses. Our work is also marked by an absence of dogma. We listen closely to the concerns of organ committees and musicians in order to create instruments that meet their musical needs.

We respond to different musical, liturgical, and architectural challenges with solutions that are adapted to each situation. Just as our casework can be classical or modern, our voicing techniques are adapted to suit the musical goals of each instrument.

Please consider asking us for a proposal. We may be able to offer something you hadn’t thought of!