Juget Sinclair

A team of dedicated artisans

Juget-Sinclair Organbuilders is a small team dedicated to producing the highest quality mechanical action organs available. We have built over 50 instruments in Canada, the USA, Germany, Japan and Hong-Kong.

Doing it all

In order to control the quality of our production, we have made it a goal from our very first instrument, to produce all parts in-house. This commitment to ‘doing it all’ allows us to maintain a team of dedicated artisans who have a complete understanding of all aspects of their craft. It also allows us to design with a free hand; and doesn’t  limit us to working within the design constraints of organ parts supply houses. We pride ourselves on providing creative solutions to the challenges our project present. We listen closely to the concerns of organ committees and musicians in order to create instruments that meet their musical needs.

Adapted techniques

We respond to different musical, liturgical, and architectural challenges with solutions that are adapted to each situation. Just as our casework can be classical or modern, our voicing techniques are adapted to suit the musical goals of each instrument.




The vision since the begining in 1994

Since the very beginning of the company, the decision to design and build our instruments ourselves from A to Z has been the core philosophy that guides our approach. Thus, we have a limited production of a highly customized product. To date, Juget-Sinclair organs can be found in Canada, the United States of America, France, Germany, Japan, and Hong Kong.

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